Aug. 01, 2010Signed Kevin Garnett as the Most Powerful Endorsed Player

(1 August 2010 – Hong Kong) -- ANTA Sports Products Limited ("ANTA Sports" or "the Company", stock code: 2020), a leading branded sportswear enterprises in China is pleased to announce that it signed NBA superstar Mr. Kevin Garnett as its second endorsed NBA player following Luis Scola in Beijing today. Kevin Garnett's list of sporting achievements includes the title of NBA Champion, NBA Most Valuable Player of both regular-season and All-Star Game as well as NBA Defensive Player of the Year. Kevin Garnett will kick off his China tour to Beijing, Xiamen and Shanghai where he will take part in a series of basketball events to mark the highest-paid NBA's greatest power forward joining the family of ANTA Sports. The theme of the tour is "For Basketball ‧ Choose China".  

Kevin Garnett is passionate about basketball. With innateness and hard work, he was able to join NBA when he was in high school, making him one of the youngest players ever to have played in the NBA. At around seven feet tall, Kevin Garnett is one of the most outstanding all rounded players. His amazing bounding, flexibility and dynamic performance on court makes him one of the most feared players for opponents whether he is in the role of offence or defence. His excellent performance includes 4-time NBA regular-season leader of rebounds per game and he is the only player in NBA history who averaged over 20 points and 10 rebounds per game for consecutive nine seasons (please see appendix 1 for more details). With his determination, he has always dreamed of winning the NBA Championship, a dream that finally came true with his team Boston Celtics. His motto "Blood, Tears and Sweat" fits nicely with ANTA Sports' motto of "Keep Moving".  

To enhance the brand image of ANTA, the Company will pull together the best R&D resources to tailor the designated basketball shoes for Kevin Garnett that offer maximum performance, comfort and protection. In the upcoming NBA season Garnett will be competing in that pair of ANTA's basketball shoes impressively. In a gesture to thank the fans of Kevin Garnett for their support, ANTA Sports will launch a new "KG" basketball sportswear series, which carries a smart logo that reflects the unique characters of the series (please see appendix 2 for more details).

Photo 1: Mr James Zheng, Executive Vice President of ANTA Sports, and Kevin Garnett signed on the tailor-made


Photo 2: Kevin Garnett was interviewed by the media.


Appendix : Logo of Kevin Garnett's "KG" Sportswear Series


ANTA Sports has specially designed a representative logo for Kevin Garnett himself and his sportswear series, "KG", which will be launched to the market later this year. The "KG" logo is a combination of his initials, "K" and "G", filling in green and black respectively. It is because black is the most favourite colour of Kevin Garnett while green is the themed colour of his team's jersey. Moreover, the letter "K" represents a person who attempts a field goal and the "K" is surrounded by the letter "G" which symbolises a basketball court. The logo fully demonstrates Kevin Garnett's enthusiasm and persistency for basketball and emphasises his strong spirit in pursuit of better performance on basketball court.