Jul. 04, 2018

Klay Thompson’s China Tour in 2018

On Jun. 23, Klay Thompson who helped the Warriors to successfully defend the championship arrived in Beijing and started his China tour. In this week, Thompson visited Beijing, Jinan, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan, Guiyang and Guangzhou. 

During the trip, Thompson visited Anta’s sneaker lab and tried customized hi-tech shoes. He was quite impressed by a wide array of sneakers and futuristic shoe design and marveled at Anta’s changes. 

Thompson went to a school in Guiyang and played games with school kids. Though he is an excellent player at the court, he looked like a big boy and enjoyed great fun with kids.

2018"Shock the Game"Final began in Guangzhou and attracted many teams. Thompson was a coach there for players. After a fierce competition, Urumqi team took the championship. Thompson announced "Shock the Game"MVP and awarded the trophy to the winner. 

As 2018"Shock the Game"Final was over, Thompson ended his trip to China. Klay said, “This is an unforgettable tour to China. I couldn’t imagine so many fans support me.” He also said, “I want every young basketball lover to feel the spirit of ‘Shock the Game’. I want to tell them, keep patient and stick to your dream in spite of any hardship you encounter. Just see basketball as a fun, and it will finally make you honored.”