Mar. 05, 2018

Anta KT3-Rocco stirs shopping frenzy in the US

On March 5, Anta launched the world’s first Limited Edition basketball shoes—KT3-Rocco in America. As the first-time shoe launch in America, thousands of people lined up at Anta’s Nice Kicks SF. This is the first time Chinese branded sneakers have caused queuing for purchase in the United States.

Anta KT3 Rocco launch attracts a long queue to buy

Chinese Limited Anta KT3 Rocco American shoe fans were crazy about was designed by Anta design director Robbie Fuller. Inspired by Anta KT3, Anta KT3 Rocco features sandy body and white sole, which are derived from the dog of Golden State Warriors’ player Klay Thompson who signed a shoe deal with Anta. Besides, the tongue comes with an embroidery of Thompson and bulldog.

“For Thompson, Rocco is his closest family. A big highlight of KT3 Rocco is the image and story of the bulldog. As pets have drawn much attention among people and social media, it is a technique to evoke consumer emotions”, said Robbie. The sneakers were co-produced by him and the team of American design center. Formed one year ago, the center has attracted more than 30 excellent American designers, which has brought Anta many popular products and design ideas.