Feb. 18, 2014Sochi Winter Olympics
in Full Swing,

ANTA Champion Dragon Outfit
in the Spotlight

(Hong Kong, 18 February 2014) ANTA Sports Products Limited (“ANTA Sports” or the “Company”, stock code: 2020), a leading branded sportswear enterprise in China, has provided a winning outfit which emphasises both quality and design – the “ANTA Champion Dragon Outfit” – for the Chinese Sports Delegation (“CSD”) at the 22nd Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia (the “Winter Olympics”). The “ANTA Champion Dragon Outfit” not only incorporates the concepts of Chinese history and traditional culture, but also demonstrates bold breakthroughs in fashionable design and technological innovation.

President of China Xi Jinping visited Sochi, Russia and met the CSD participating in the Winter Olympics to boost Chinese athletes' spirits, showing his care and support for sports development in China. The members of the CSD presented the gift of an “ANTA Champion Dragon Outfit”, the winning outfit for the CSD with Chinese features meticulously designed and tailor-made by ANTA Sports, to Xi Jinping. Meanwhile, President of Russia Vladimir Putin also visited "China House" of the Winter Olympics, and was presented a souvenir of an “ANTA Champion Dragon Outfit” by Mr. Liu Peng, President of the Chinese Olympic Committee ("COC") and the Director of the General Administration of Sport of China, to promote Chinese traditional culture and international friendship in the area of sports.

Since the successful extention of its partnership with the COC in early 2013, ANTA Sports has been designing quality winning outfits featuring traditional Chinese cultural characteristics for top Chinese athletes competing at ten international sporting events during the 2013 to 2016 Olympic cycle. ANTA Sports is taking this opportunity to promote the development of the sports industry in China and to promote the Olympic spirit. The Winter Olympics, one of the largest and most notable sporting events in the year kicked off in Sochi, Russia on February 7. The CSD attended the opening ceremony wearing ANTA's Winter Olympics outfit, and China's Olympic medalists stood on the podium wearing the “ANTA Champion Dragon Outfit” to receive their honours, which greatly enhances ANTA's brand exposure and further deepens ANTA's image of representing China's sports and boosts Chinese consumers' sense of pride in national brand.

Photo 1: Zhang Hong (left), who won gold in female 1,000m speed skating with a winning time of 1:14.02, was the second Chinese athlete to win a gold medal at the Sochi Winter Olympics and the first to win gold for China in this event. After her race, Zhang Hong attended a celebration at "China House" and signed her autograph on the “ANTA Champion Dragon Outfit”.