Aug. 04, 2014

Signs Contract with

(Hong Kong, 4 August 2014) ANTA Sports Products Limited is pleased to announce the Company has started the strategic cooperationwith the Gymnastics Sports Management Centre under the General Administration of Sportsof China (“Gymnastics Sports Management Centre“). ANTA Sports willprovide professional sportswear outfits for the Chinese national gymnastics, artistic gymnastics and trampoline teams from the Gymnastics Sports Management Centre for competitions, training and daily use, and will work hand-in-hand with these Chinese national teams to achieve excellent results at major sporting events both in China and abroad, including the Youth Olympic Games, World Gymnastics Championships, Asian Games, Olympic Games, etc. In addition, ANTA Sports will be actively involved in campaigns to promote the development of gymnastics so as to help nurture young talentsas well as to boost the influence of gymnastics in spreading the”Sports for All” spiritin China. 
Gymnastics is one of the most eye-catching and important events at large integrated sports competitions. It is known as “the father of sports” in China given that gymnastics is the Chinese delegation’s strong gold medals contender. Being the strategic partner of the China Olympic Committee (“COC”) and Chinese Sports Delegation (“CSD”), ANTA Sports pays close attention to the development of gymnastics. Its collaboration with the Gymnastics Sports Management Centre is significant for the Companyin view ofexpandingits sports resources and promotingbrand development,and it alsodemonstratesANTA’sbrand spirit of “Keep Moving” in echoing the dedication and legendary success of the gymnastics team.More importantly,it further solidifies ANTA’s image of representing China’s sports essence.
The overall strategic cooperation between ANTA Sports and the Gymnastics Sports Management Centre not only includes the provision of professional products and quality services to the athletes of the national gymnastics, artisticgymnastics and trampoline teams, but also involves ANTA Sports shouldering the role of facilitating the future development of gymnastics by participating in a series of campaigns such as “Gymnastics on Campus” and “Joy of Gymnastics” that promote gymnastics.  
At the signing and launch ceremony held at the stadium at the National Sports Training Centre of General Administration of Sport of China (“GASC”), Mr. Ding Shizhong, Chairman and CEO of ANTA Sports; Mr. Luo Chaoyi, Director of the Gymnastics Management Centre of GASC; and athletes that included Zhou Kai, Zhang Chenglong, Yao Jinnan, Dong Dong, He Wenna, Zhang Doudou, together appreciated the new champion outfit that ANTA Sports tailor-made for this Team of Honour. The competition outfit adopts dragon and phoenix icons to represent the Chinese nation, and is a metaphor for “elite” and “talent”. It is ANTA’s salute to the honour of the champion team, projecting the wish that gymnasts inherit the history of victory and marching towards another summit, and also serves as a motivation to young athletes to keep moving. The flying dragon is a symbol of power and represents the beauty of the bold physiques of male gymnasts, while the phoenix represents the sweet and charming temperament as well as the delicate movements of female gymnasts. The rising dragon and phoenix imply the gymnastics team’s successful journey on the road to winning gold medals. The competition outfits for the male gymnasts bearthe national emblem on the chest and a golden pentagram to represent champions, while eye-dazzling diamonds and Chinese traditional jade are used to adorn the competition outfits for the female gymnasts. A dragon flying across the mountains and rivers as drawn by Chinese brush painting and traditional calligraphers was adopted as an element on the competition outfits for trampoline athletes, hinting at the nimble movements of the athletes in the air, as well as the trampoline team’s glorious achievements in future. The competition outfits for the gymnastics team will make its debut at the Youth Olympic Games to be held in Nanjing in mid-August.      

 “As the Sportswear Partner of the COC, ANTA Sports has long been a supporter and loyal companion to the sports in China. We will leverage our strengths to tailor-make new training and competition gear featuring advanced technology for all national teams under the Gymnastics Sports Management Centre, and will also contribute to the overall development of gymnastics in China. ”
              Mr. Ding Shizhong, Chairman and CEO of ANTA Sports,said

Photo 1: Mr. Ding Shizhong, Chairman and CEO of ANTA Sports (right), presents the new champion outfit to Mr. Huang Yubin, Deputy Director of the Gymnastics Management Centreof GASCand head coach of Chinese national gymnastics team (left).

Photo 2: Mr. Huang Yubin, Deputy Director of the Gymnastics Management Centreof GASCand head coach of Chinese national gymnastics team, and Mr. Ding Shizhong, Chairman and CEO of ANTA Sports, take photo together with 6 athlete representatives.